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"My hands, they're strong but my knees were far too weak." Oh, how my knees grow weak at the very thought of my muses and the more I read the more I crave. But thankfully, there's plenty to feed my addiction, so as we burn together Lab Tech Andi will always try to help fight back the flames. Following the sounds floating through the forest to the blue door at the back of the shack, knock the heart-breaking beat of "Set Fire to the Rain" as sung by Adele and the password is "Burning". Be Safe!



I was still at least a mile away from the shack, but even with my very human ears, I could make out the faint wailing of a female voice. The closer I got, the wailing turned into indistinct words, and then eventually into a clear melody. I parked my car when I finally made it all the way to the little building in the middle of the woods and got out.

I could visibly see the rattling of the windows from the loud music that was fighting to escape the confines of the shack. With a great deal of caution, I approached the door and pushed it open, the music nearly knocking me over. In front of the still open door, I dropped everything I had in my heads, throwing them over my ears in a vain attempt to block out any of the noise and made my way toward the source of this torture. I gathered up all the strength I had in me and swiftly shot out my right hand, extending my index fingers and pressing the power button, ceasing all sound.


The music had been so loud, that once I'd turned it off, I couldn't hear anything. Not the birds, or crickets, or the sound of footsteps behind me, so when I felt a hand come to land on my shoulder, it all but stopped my heart completely.

I turned to see a much taller Nessie standing behind me and I could see her mouth moving, but I couldn't hear a single word. "What?" I yelled in her direction. And she looked at me confused, and then held up a single finger signaling me to wait. I stood still as she walked to stand directly in front of me and placing her palm on the side of my face, stealing my vision.


Suddenly, I was standing there looking at the both of us like we were on a TV screen.

"You turned off my music." Nessie stated very clearly.

"IT WAS TOO LOUD," I shouted back at her, still trying to compensate for my hearing loss. In the vision, my mouth didn't move though and I started to laugh. She frowned a little, so I calmed my laughter and attempted to talk to her in a normal tone. "Nessie, it was way too loud. Why are you listening to it in here anyway?"

"Jake got me Adele's album a few weeks ago and I really love it," she explained, a smile replacing her frown. "But the songs make Mom and Dad sad, so they won't let me play it. Then I remembered that no one would be here for a while, so came here." She looked down as if she was ashamed and dropped her hand.

I experienced a little bit of vertigo as my vision returned, slamming me back into my own body and I grabbed the counter. "O.K. then! I'll make a deal with you," I explained and she nodded her head to let me know she understood. "You can play your music here so long as you play it at a reasonable level. Deal?"

She squealing and hugged me quickly, then dashed around me to turn down the volume. She pressed play and the next thing I heard is Adele's voice belt out "I let it fall, my heart..."


Surrounded by Nessie's latest obsessions, I found it interesting at the number of fics I found with the same title. Therefore, all the dealings this week have been inspired by one song and all three are completely different, which I found absolutely fascinating. Enjoy!


This first version of “Set Fire to the Rain” is by the ever talented One Brave Lamb. In this alternate New Moon canon tale, Bella was broken after Edward left her. She’s wallowed in misery, until a startling revelation changed everything. "He left me. He lied. He broke my heart and acted as if he simply didn't care. But, simply stated, I let him." Now, whether they can hear her or not, she’s going to tell the Cullen’s exactly how much they hurt her. What she never expected, was for Alice to show up before she could press send. This fic has some interesting twists in it as it plays with the original story line.


This next inspired version of “Set Fire To The Rain” is by the lovely LoveRob. In her amazing fic Bella loves Edward, of course. In fact, she’s loved him since they were fuck buddies years earlier. Now they work in the same place and he makes it quite obvious that he hates her being there. He even goes so far as to stop any chances for career opportunities. Is he for real? How will they cope? This fic has some amazing unexpected turns and travels all over the world. Don’t be surprised if your want to smack this Edward a time or two though.


Lastly, this wonderful version of “Set Fire to the Rain” is by the amazing SunshineGal3. This fic was a beautiful tale about, Bella, a woman whose job is to bring people back from the brink of self-destruction. She loves her job, but today she was given the file for an alcoholic with so very little information, she doesn’t know how to help him. That is unless she meets him and vows that she will not give up on him, she will find a way to reach him, if it’s the last thing she does. My favorite thing about this fic is that it didn’t rush into Bella and Edward falling in love. Bella is a confident character and her kindness really shines through.

Keeping with this burning theme, I think we should have a fiery drink, called a “Burning Sky”. Drink with caution, you set this drink on fire!


1/2 oz. Amaretto
1 oz. Irish Cream (Bailey's)
1 oz. Curacao, blue
1/2 oz. Rum, overproof/151 proof
1/2 oz. Sambuca

Mixing Instructions

In a cocktail glass pour the Sambuca, Amaretto, and 151. In a highball glass pour the blue Curacao and Bailey's. Light the contents of the cocktail glass on fire, add the contents of the highball glass. Drink through a straw, and don't catch yourself on fire.


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The deal has been made. ;)